Welcome to MediaRoad.com. This domain is for sale, asking for $4,995 U.S.

If you are interested, send me an email at and we will start the transcation at Escrow.com. Price is NOT negotiable. To protect both parties on the transaction, Escrow.com's Concierge Service must be used. You will also need to pay the 6.5% admin fee to Escrow.com.

I have been using Escrow.com for all my domain sales, I only trust Escrow.com Concierge Service for fraud protection. Here are the steps:
  1. I start a transcation at Escrow.com
  2. You and I both agree to the terms *
  3. You send the fund to Escrow.com **
  4. Escrow.com holds the fund
  5. I transfer the domain name to Escrow.com's secure holding account
  6. Escrow.com transfers the domain to your registrar
  7. Escrow.com releases the money to me
  8. You have the domain and I receive the money, Done!
* Both parties ("Buyer" and "Seller") are only required to agree the terms and conditions at Escrow.com. I will NOT sign any additional release agreement, transfer agreement or any legal documents.

** I suggest NOT to use Credit Card or PayPal, because Escrow.com will charge you additional 3.05% payment processing fee. Bank wire transfer is the best option as there is no extra charge.